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Craig James Statement on Election Results


Dallas, Texas—U.S. Senate candidate Craig James released the following statement regarding the Texas primary election results this evening:

"Tonight, Texans have spoken and they have said they want a second round between David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz. I accept the judgment of the people, and I congratulate both candidates for making it into the runoff. It is now critically important that our conservative values be spoken to and boldly represented by each candidate.

"We, the people of Texas, will be watching carefully to determine how we will vote on the second Primary day. I, for one, will support the candidate who is the conservative alternative between the two. It will be a decision that we will all have to make, and we should listen carefully to what the candidates have to say before we cast our votes.

"I want to thank all of those who have supported and encouraged me: my family, particularly my wife Marilyn and my daughter Jessica, for all the help they provided both spiritually and emotionally. Thank you to my incredible campaign team, led by campaign manager Corbett Howard, for doing a great job and never losing heart.

"And of course, I want to thank the people of Texas for participating in one of freedom’s greatest exercises: the right to vote. It is my intention to stay actively involved in the conservative movement, and to have my voice heard in the months and years to come. Again, thank you and may God bless Texas and the United States."

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Supporting our Troops, Honoring our Veterans



Freedom isn't free. It comes at a very high price: the lives of fellow Americans who dedicate themselves to defending our nation. Countless heroes have given their lives for our freedom and many more put their lives on the line every day.

Memorial Day is a special day to show support for our military and veterans. I'm honored to be part of the Boot Campaign, a non-profit ogranization dedicated to raising awareness about veterans and offering assistance to members of our military.

Last week I participated in the Boot Campaign's annual Boot'n & Shoot'n event in Dallas. This fantastic event brought together military leaders, servicemembers and celebrities to raise money for the Boots Campaign. I was honored to speak to the hundreds of people gathered and share why I am so passionate about this cause.

I promised that when I make it to the U.S. Senate, I will place a pair of the Boots Campaign combat boots on my desk in the Senate chamber. It will serve as a constant reminder of those who give everything for this nation and that their well-being must never be jeopardized.

Craig with General Leroy Sisco at Boot'n & Shoot'n

Craig with Corbett Howard, his Campaign Manager and a veteran, wearing the Boots Campaign combat boots. 

This Memorial Day, we thank those who are currently serving our nation and honor those who have given their lives for our freedom.

For Faith, Freedom and Texas,

Craig James

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Craig James Predicts Campaign will be in U.S. Senate Race Runoff


Craig James Predicts Campaign will be in U.S. Senate Race Runoff

U.S. Senate candidate joined by supporters at alma mater, Stratford High School

Houston, Texas—U.S. Senate candidate Craig James predicted today that he will be in the U.S. Senate race runoff. Joined by Houston-area supporters and his mentor, Coach Oscar Cripps at his alma mater, Stratford High School, Craig appealed to Texas voters to not be swayed by divisive attack ads as they consider who they will vote for on May 29.

"The people of Texas know what's best for this state," commented James. "I'm confident voters won't be persuaded by all these outside interest groups and millions in attack ads. They will choose a candidate from Real Street who shares their values."

Craig with supporters at Stratford High School

"Being here at Stratford brings back a lot of memories--especially seeing dear old friends and mentors," continued Craig. "It also emphasizes the fact that I come from Real Street. With just six more days to go in this primary, I feel like I'm back on the field with Coach Cripps. Fourth quarter, ten seconds to go, driving for the winning touchdown. Texas voters know I'm leaving it all on the field."

"I'm encouraged because our campaign team is hearing reports from the grassroots that despite low voter turnout, our supporters are showing up at the polls during early voting and at this point, it's all about which candidate can get their voters to the polls," stated James. "We're excited about next Tuesday's primary and that our campaign will be in the runoff."

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Craig James Congratulates Young Texan Who Overcame Autoimmune Disorder to Pitch Perfect Game


Craig James Congratulates Young Texan Who Overcame Autoimmune Disorder to Pitch Perfect Game

Craig James sent his congratulations today to eleven-year-old Hayden Young of Marble Falls, who pitched a perfect baseball game last week during a Broncos Division (12 and under) game in Lampasas. In February, Hayden was diagnosed with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infection (PANDAS).

According to Hayden’s mother, her son first exhibited symptoms of the disease almost two years go but was misdiagnosed for eighteen months. “Hayden has always been athletic, but he started to lose his athletic ability, his grades diminished and emotionally he declined—he even had age regression,” explained Tiffany Young. “Doctors kept telling us he had a mental illness and needed to be on anti-depressants. Finally, we found someone who told us this wasn’t a mental illness and to have Hayden tested for Strep.  As soon as he was properly diagnosed with PANDAS and received strong antibiotic treatment, the old Hayden started to return. He regained his physical coordination, his grades are improving and he’s feeling happy again.”

“I am honored to extend my congratulations to such a brave young man,” said Craig. “Hayden is an inspiration to every athlete. He overcame a devastating disease and achieved success in his sport at a very young age. Hayden has a bright future ahead of him.”

The Young Family hopes to encourage other children who may be suffering from undiagnosed cases of PANDAS. To contact Tiffany Young and learn more about how you can help children with this disorder, email

More about PANDAS:

Game Stats:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Braves (Marble Falls) vs. Titans (Lampasas)

35 Total pitches

26 Strikes

9 Balls

9 batters total, struck out 8

Final Score 32-0

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Letter of Support from Galveston


Iris Crow of Galveston wrote the following note to express her support for Craig James:

Why Choose Craig James over other Candidates?

We cannot send another career politician to Washington. Nor can we send another lawyer to Washington. The U.S. Senate chamber is composed of a majority who are lawyers. We need balance in the chamber. We need citizens stepping up representing We the People. James Craig will fight the system and be as aggressive in Washington and in the U.S. Senate as he was on the football field. 

Craig will break the furniture if necessary to make sure the people’s voices are heard. He will rock the boat when no one else will and fight for the people to cut spending, cut taxes and cut regulations and make a difference for the people of Texas. His goal in life isn’t to become a U.S. Senator, but to make a difference.

Therefore: Texans, VOTE CRAIG JAMES for the next U.S. Senator of Texas. If you've never heard of him as a candidate for the U.S. Senate or haven't considered him as your representative, please check him out at

Iris M Crow

Member, Galveston County Tea Party

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